Know Your Place

Know Your Place Know Your Place by Shelly Ellis
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Publisher: Kensington Books

After doing time at a youth center, they learned how to be strong and loyal in tough times. However, as their adult lives took shape the very lessons learned soon became hard to follow. If you add in a drug kingpin, ex-fiance, betrayal, and backroom deals and this story gives you some pretty engaging drama. I didn't have the backstory on the series as this is book 2 and I had not read book 1. That being said, I still managed to keep up The author did a good job of developing the characters individually even though their stories were intricately intertwined. There were many moving pieces and players so you had to pay attention and not get distracted.
Player #1 Jamal is involved in a form of politics he was ill-prepared for and never thought he would be a part of at any time. He also had to deal with his ex, a former cop. Player #2 Derrick has to contend with a fiance, a lover and shady student that could be caught up with a local drug kingpin.
Player #3 Ricky has to deal with the fallout after being caught up in a drug raid.

See what I mean? A lot going on, but it is well worth the read.

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