That Bona Fide Hood Love: Pluto and Galaxi (Trilogy)

That Bona Fide Hood Love: Pluto and Galaxi That Bona Fide Hood Love: Pluto and Galaxi by Taneice
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Pluto and Galaxi meet after she impersonated a buyer that he was selling merchandise. After that merchandise being stolen from Galaxi, her sister Luna, who she saved from a bad situation,  sets out to find a way to contribute to their household so they don't end up on the streets and inadvertently meets the Pluto's friend and business partner. The opening had me thinking of the tv musical dramedy Star and how the sisters were reunited.  The story moved well had a decent amount of drama intended to keep the reader's interest, decent enough character development and a solid trio of villains. What I didn't find was chemistry.  None of the characters had any chemistry with each other. I take that back Luna and Clipz's connection made sense and as did his attraction to her. Pluto and Galaxi, however, were not written quite as well. I found it hard to believe that the two were paired. When they got physical after he showed up her apartment about a job, I thought "Where did that come from?".   The moments when they were sniping at each other there was no sexual tension to imply that they were attracted to each other. Also, Pluto randomly showing up wherever Galaxi happened to be didn't make sense. His connection to those places was explained. But him showing up at the exact moment she was there didn't make sense.  I can only assume he had someone watching and reporting on her movements.  I could not connect with this story. I like the author, but I think this one was a miss for me.

Whereas book 1 had me on the fence about it, book 2 managed to pull me into the story. The author hit her stride. The character interaction improved, the plot unfolded in a way that had me hooked from page 1.  Book two was exciting and full of activity and that cliffhanger.  The final entry into the trilogy was wrapped up in the most fitting way possible. Relationships were tested, healed and resolutions were made clear. There was a surprise ending to one of the characters, an odd personality change for another, redemption and love. Good job.

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