Young, Rich, N*ggas: Thugs Fall In Love Too 1 & 2

Young, Rich, N*ggas: Thugs Fall In Love Too Young, Rich, N*ggas: Thugs Fall In Love Too by Bianca Marie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Four young people find each other in unusual circumstances and try to forge a relationship and heal some of the damage done to them emotionally by those they once thought loved them.
This story moved quickly which left little room for development or substance. The "insta-love" these couples experienced took me by surprise. The storyline with Gangsta, Aspen, Finesse, and Kari didn't make a lot of sense initially, but then it came together. I'm curious to find out the outcome of Asia's fate after the fallout from her "disagreement with her Professor. There was no connection or chemistry between the primaries. So the connections and deep feelings that were talked about were not accurately reflected in the story. There were quite a few errors, which made for a confusing read at times. I'm on the fence with this one. It was interesting enough that I finished it. But, I'm not sure that if I miss part two I will be disappointed.

Fast forward to Part 2-

Whereas book 1 had me on the fence and not really connecting with the story, book 2 made up for it a bit. There was more background provided and the characters had more texture. The story moved at a quick pace. The errors were kept at a minimum. As with any story, you can't have peace too long before the drama kicks in. Secrets are revealed and instantly cause havoc. My favorite scene was Chaos' people coming into Aruba's place and making Meechie leave while Chaos was on the phone. I look forward to reading book 3.

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