The Divorce Planner Book Review & Giveaway!!

Published by: The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: May 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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When her daughter suggests Darcy Madison attend her ex-husband’s wedding, Darcy enlists the help of her colleague, divorce attorney Victor Costello, to pose as her dashing young date. But when Victor proposes to Darcy at the reception, Darcy forgets they are pretending and says, “Yes!” Between her false engagement to Victor and her daughter’s suggestion to have a double wedding, Darcy falls even further in the fantasy of being a blushing midlife bride. The longer the masquerade continues, the more Darcy starts to wonder what is love and can it last forever in a world where divorce is the only language she knows?

“Are you leaving?” He stood.
“Yes.” A flash of disappointment descended over her shoulders. “I think I’ll go.”
“Let me walk you to your car.”
“But you’ll miss the live auction and the dancing.”
He offered his arm. “I’d rather spend the time with you.”
A touch of kinship united them.
She wove her arm through his. How delightful to find someone who enjoyed her company as much as she enjoyed his.
Matching strides, they walked around the tables of guests. A few people stopped them to comment on how cute a couple they made.
She blushed from the compliments.
He nudged open the double doors.
A gust of cool summer air blasted against her face. She shivered.
He tugged her closer. “Would you like my jacket?”
“No, thank you. I’m parked over there.” She waved toward the left.
They strode over to an ancient sports sedan.
Darcy unlocked her door and tossed her clutch inside. As she turned to say good night, she trembled with anticipation. Would he kiss her again?
Standing in silence, he gazed into her eyes.
A flicker of desire lapped at her feet and licked up into her belly. She had never seen eyes so big, so bold, and so beautiful. Oh, why wouldn’t he kiss her?


Divorce Planner Darcy has been asked to plan her daughter Joyce's wedding. How does that work when you no longer believe in marriage?  Well, Author Angela Lam takes on a relatable and entertaining read from the POV of our 50-ish heroine.

Darcy bears the blame for the demise of her marriage and the dissolution of her relationship with her daughter. After being introduced to Joyce and Nathan, the level of cynicism and dislike for the institution of marriage became very apparent.  Between Joyce divulging personal information regarding Darcy and Nathan playing the victim to anyone who would listen. It was no wonder that Darcy moved from party planner to divorce planner. Nathan was quite horrid as a human being. He took no responsibility for the marriage ending. Joyce simply agitated to me as well to no end. How could her mom be the cause of everything that goes wrong in her life? (sigh)

But wait who's that knocking on the romance door? A sexy younger hardworking divorce attorney that goes by the name of Victor that's who.  There is no better time to change your mind on marriage and all that comes with it - love, romance, love. Victor is what you would hope your man would be. He was mannerable, accountable and a romantic, who just so happened to tickle Darcy's fancy. Yes, I said, "tickled her fancy". (smile)

Darcy was relatable on so many levels for me. For years, I was cynical when it came to marriage. It has lost some of its meaning, its value and the respect it once held. So, I could relate to her stance. Especially when said marriage resulted in divorce because of adultery that she was to blame. I still wanted to strangle Nathan and Joyce up until the end even though things came together for the trio.

All in all, this was an easy fun read that was well-executed. Yes, it was a bit predictable, but I still had fun getting to the end.

Author Bio:
Angela is a San Francisco Bay Area native.
She studied journalism at Northwestern University as a Cherub scholar. She received her B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Sonoma State University.
Her nonfiction articles on real estate, lending, and finance can be found online at Her short stories, essays, and poetry are published in a number of magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, including The Dollar Stretcher, Foliate Oak , Kenwood Press, The Phoenix, Potpourri, The Sun, The Writer, and Women’s Voices.
When she is not writing, she is either painting, reading, running, or spending time with her family and friends.

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