Revenge Revenge by Gabrielle Faust
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After being plagued by vivid and disturbing dreams compliments of the Demon of Regret, Marcus is tricked into committing suicide. He then becomes the demon of regret. As he attempts to acclimate to his new title and the duty of reaping souls, he learns that the prince will take Brenda as his wife. The prince approached her in human form and presented her to the devil for approval as his concubine. They have a child that is the key to another realm that appears to be like Eden and several entities want to cause unrest in this new realm to which Marcus is sent. Those in the new realm offer him freedom in return for his help. Eventually, a battle ensues and well you will have to read it find out the outcome.

This story dealt with several emotions regret, hatred, despair, fear all while weaving multiple plots into one hopeful ending. You will notice the story is rich in religion and mythology. The authors do a great job of creating a vividly written horror. It took me a bit to get into the story because this is not my usual read. However, you cannot deny the talent that the authors displayed here in the horrific world that they created. Horror lovers will find this work thrilling and one they cannot put down.

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