Bound Bound by L. Triplett
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

We are all bound..... Think again and you lose. Second guessing isn't an option as the streets breed killers from Chicago to Atlanta. 

Mainlife inhaled and exhaled his windy city, heartless life style of Chicago on the hot streets of Atlanta Georgia with some Zoolanta gorillas by the names of Stunna, Sqizzle and Willo. 

Mainlife, Stunna, Sqizzle and Willo were from an era of bonafide hustlaz and gangstaz, they knew the game was played for keeps as they witnessed reality head on. 

As blood spilled and hearts stopped beating, a goon of his own heartless ways, Safari Malice left open wounds of agony in his wake. 

Book Review
Missed potential-

This story centers around a character called Main, who is being raised by a single mother. she moved them from Chicago to Atlanta after the death of his childhood friend. He proceeds to lead the corner boy "dream" with his crew. The story had a solid plot that was simply poorly executed.

What should have been a gritty and raw story coming of age street tale turned into a difficult to follow, chaotic diatribe filled with hardly discernible dialogue. I believe in the author's effort to draw the reader into the story by describing every single scene down and oversaturating the conversations and passages with unnecessary slang, incoherent and incomplete thoughts, he lost them.
Can this story be salvaged? Absolutely with some intense editing and an outline to clear out the chaos and add clarity.

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