Tear Drop Stains Of My Love & Pain Trilogy

Tear Drop Stains Of My Love & Pain Tear Drop Stains Of My Love & Pain  Trilogy by Lady Lissa
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Meet Destiny Hargrove, a sweet and innocent cheerleader from Compton. Destiny has it all; a loving family, popularity at her school, and a bright future ahead of her. What happens when Destiny falls head over heels for hot headed football player, Jayden Roberts? 

Jayden is a star athlete with a promising football future. He's one of the city's golden boys, having helped the team win a championship and all. He's one of those players that can do no wrong. But, will his cocky ways and monster attitude change his future? 

Find out as the two try to find love through pain in Tear Drop Stains of my Love & Pain

Book Review
This story deals with the ever so prevalent issue of teen abuse. Jayden, a star football player with a volatile personality and Destiny, a cheerleader and ambitious student come together during their Junior year of high school.  Destiny ignores the red flags and warnings from her friends and accepts the relationship. It (the relationship) eventually evolves into punches, broken bones, black eyes, rape and more.
This particular author excels at storylines that highlight abuse. She draws you in with vivid imagery and relatable circumstances and characters. This trilogy was no different. You felt each Jayden's confusion when he asks, "Why doesn't she understand I love her?".  When Destiny was sexually assaulted the first time and her feelings were a mix of anger, fear, confusion, and distress.

The story moved at a moderate pace, was well-structured, however, it could be a bit repetitive. All in all, I would recommend this book to young adult readers and their parents.

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