Who Can You Trust: The Family Ain't S?!T Anthology

Who Can You Trust: The Family Ain't S?!T Anthology Who Can You Trust: The Family Ain't S?!T Anthology by Octavia Grant
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The most important thing a person has is family. Family is supposed to provide unconditional love and support, but this anthology proves that some family members are only capable of starting drama. Who Can You Trust contains three stories: He Should’ve Known Better, Sleeping With My Cousin’s Grandmother, and Sleeping With My Aunt’s Husband. Each story is filled with taboo, salacious lies, betrayal, backstabbing, and tons of drama. Three jaw-dropping stories equal one amazing book. You’ll agree that family can be your worst enemy after reading about Dante and Candace, Antoine and Ms. Cat, along with the antics of Princess Ivy versus Aunt Queen.

Book Review
This anthology was a compilation with previous releases revamped. It highlighted how betrayal, greed, and selfishness can ruin your life and those around you. Each story was short, quick and packed a dramatic punch.

Book1 -He should have known better my baby daddy's betrayal saw Candi & Dante, parents of twins, fall apart thanks to betrayal and an undercover life was exposed. The ending was delicious

Book 2- Sleeping with my cousin's grandmother gave us Ms. Cat, a woman who lost the love of her life and became a "free spirit". Her brick house body and sexual awareness ensnared many, but she kept none.  Her brand of loving drove men to distraction and one to murder.

Book 3 - Sleeping with my aunt's husband showed us how the double-crosser gets crossed when young Ivy betrayed the only person who cared for her and was in turn betrayed by her aunt's husband and her best friend

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