Not All Migrate

Not All Migrate Not All Migrate by Krystyna Byers
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Mark Hansberg has lost everything. After his wife and children are killed in a horrific car crash, the authorities begin acting suspiciously. Depressed and desperate for answers, he takes it upon himself to investigate a mysterious local drug called Rapture. He’s thrust into a world of lies, violence, and conspiracy—none of which this insurance salesman is equipped for. He meets and befriends a variety of addicts from all walks of life and, eventually, becomes one himself. It’s not long before Mark is lost in the gritty world that took his wife’s life. 

Book Review

Double D-Darkness & Depravity

Mark Hansberg is tortured by his grief. His family is killed in a car accident that leaves Mark questioning if something else was afoot. Thus begins his dark tale down the path to Rapture and beyond. Now what happens during his journey is what leads you as a reader speechless, emotional and oftentimes mortified.
I have to say this was tough to read in the sense that you were hit with so much of what makes this life difficult rape, suicide, addiction, abuse, death, etc. The very thing that made this book such gut-wrenching, disgusting read is the very thing that made it hard to put down for me and that’s the writing and the randomly placed sketches.
Author Krystyna Byers’ writing was to put it simply brilliant. She created such vivid depictions of each scene that you were in that moment with Protagonist Mark. Before you could recover from one violent and disturbing scene, you were hit with another. This is what propelled the story forward. The opening reminded me of a 2009 traffic accident involving Diane Schuler. You find out pretty early on what happened to Mark’s wife and why the accident occurred and Mark’s decline into depravity and all the immoral, reckless, disgusting stops on the way into hell takes over the story.
I would caution readers who do have a delicate constitution to take heed before diving into this tale. It will stick with you for a while. I won’t say don’t read it, because I think to experience new genres, new books aid in your literary growth.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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