Traveller - Inceptio

Traveller - Inceptio Traveller - Inceptio by Rob Shackleford
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If you were sent 1000 years into the past, would you survive?

Traveller - Inceptio describes how the Transporter is accidentally invented and becomes public knowledge when it sends a subject 1000 years into the past.

A Special Forces team of Travellers is then selected and trained with the intent to send them to Saxon England to explore what could be a very dangerous period of history.

From the beaches of Australia to the forests of Saxon England, Traveller - Inceptio reveals how Travellers discover they need a lot more than technology to survive the trials of early Eleventh Century life.

Book Review
Travelers are a group of soldiers who use a time machine to go back 1000 years. The time machine was accidentally built while trying to create new security technology by university researchers.
The Travelers are sent back to a dangerous period. How will this work now that they don't have the technology to get them out of sticky situations or to guide them?

I am going to preface my following comments with the fact that I'm not a huge fan of science fiction/time travel-esque fiction. It tends to be a bit confusing when the writer needs to go between the past and present. I had that same issue here. There was an instance where I could not discern if a character was in the past or present. I'll also say that maybe this plot/story just simply went over my head on some level, at least this is how I felt for the first 50% or 60% of the book. I think it didn't help that the certain scenes that didn't surround action sequences were a bit wordy and thus didn't hold my interest. While I appreciated the attention detail, historical references, and nods to social structure and religion, he gave us so much rich detail that it was a bit overwhelming. While the characters appeared to be developed on the face of things, I had difficulty connecting with anyone one specific character.
I think the author delivers a story that relies heavily on its character to carry it and an interesting plot. This is not my particular cup of tea, but I think lovers of syfy & time travel will enjoy it. I would recommend it to them without hesitation.

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