Work Husband: Some Lines Shouldn't Be Crossed

Work Husband: Some Lines Shouldn't Be Crossed Work Husband: Some Lines Shouldn't Be Crossed by Octavia Grant
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When working 8-10 hours a day, it’s impossible to meet new people. So, when Crystal Jones’ marriage fails, she finds companionship in the arms of the man that has always been in her corner. Her coworker, Lamar Santana. Crystal believes the office flirting, lunch dates, and mind-blowing sex are because of the chemistry they’ve formed over the years. But according to Lamar, it’s nothing more than an office romp. Unfortunately for Lamar, he and Crystal aren’t on the same page. When her delusions turn into a full-blown obsession Lamar regrets ever getting involved with someone he didn’t really know.

Book Review
This book hit you with a quick 1 -2 punch.

Crystal's relationship with her "work husband" went beyond what most of us (or at least I think most of us) classify that person. My definition of a work husband is someone who brings meals, lifts boxes, runs errands during lunch along with his own, but there is no naked wrestling. Crystal fell out of love with her husband David after his infidelities led to the birth of a child. Enter Lamar who gave her something she was lacking while keeping his personal life just out of reach.

Drama, sex, violence, and betrayal culminated into this fast-paced, well-executed story.
sidenote-Beautiful new cover for the re-release.

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