Reverend Cash: Let Us Prey

Reverend Cash: Let Us Prey Reverend Cash: Let Us Prey by Sa'id Salaam
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This was an interesting listen. I think had I read it it would have been a serious drama. However, since I chose to listen to the audio, which is my preference, I found this to be quite comical even though its delivery was explicitly raw. I don't believe it was meant to be a comedy. I can see why some who are sensitive to certain topics may call feel that the author's "raw" storytelling was too much. However, I don't believe the story could have been told without including ALL the elements that created the good Reverend.
The Story
The story centers around Billy and his evolution to Dollar Bill and eventually to Reverend Cash. Billy is the product of a sexual assault on his mother, Lady, who was also a "Lady" of the Evening. When Billy was barely a pre-teen he became the go-to "stud" for his sister's friends the Buffalo Girls. He becomes Dollar BillOne night Billy is seduced by someone who he would have never suspected and the consequences from that coupling is the catalyst to  his transformation to a young Reverend Cash
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