Song of Mornius: Book One of the Talenkai Chronicles

Song of Mornius: Book One of the Talenkai Chronicles by Diane E Steinbach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A peasant, A murderer, A staff with a soul lead to mayhem and monsters in the fantasy novelSong of Mornious by Diane E. Steinbach. The story opens with our young hero, Gaelin, running for his life after dealing with a particularly traumatic experience. He along with a staff gifted from his Mother make the exhausting trek to find civilization and punishment. With prompting from Mornius, he eventually comes across the person who will help him reveal his potential purpose and the story ensues from this point.

The story opened with a compelling action scene that lured me into the story. It continued along that same vein as Gaelin comes into his own. We are introduced to a substantial number of characters, treated to more action sequences and enough gore to make me give a serious side-eye to certain "practices" by certain creatures. You will have to read it to find out more.

This was a lengthy read, but it was well-written, formatted perfectly with a strong plot. the author did a great job of developing and setting the stage for this new saga. I believe the YA fantasy readers will be hooked from page one.

You can connect with this author on Goodreads and purchase her work on Amazon you won't be disappointed. She was just as much a pleasure to chat with as Book 1 of her new series was to read.

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