Khaleel : Tall, Dark & Deadly Trilogy

Khaleel 3: Tall, Dark & Deadly Khaleel : Tall, Dark & Deadly Trilogy by Lady Lissa
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Khaleel Hunter is one of the most successful attorneys in the Houston area, but he has a deep, dark secret that he’s been keeping from his loved ones. As much as he tries to maintain and be that upstanding guy everyone presumes him to be, certain things seem to always push him over the edge. He and Erica are in a really good place until their world is rocked when his side chick, Candace shows up on their doorstep, wanting Khaleel to acknowledge that he’s father of her unborn child. 
When Khaleel fails to step up, Candace continues to stir the pot, but she wasn’t ready for Khaleel to stir it back. When women keep popping up dead, Erica begins to suspect her man may be involved somehow. As Khaleel continues to show up with suspicious marks, will Erica finally take the rose-colored glasses off and realize that she’s been sleeping with the enemy the entire time? 
Sullivan and his mother are at a point of no return. He finally has to come to terms with his mother’s gambling problem when he’s faced with a life or death situation. The two come to blows and his mother pulls the only card she has left. What can be so bad that a mother will turn against her own son? 
This final chapter is filled with so much drama you won’t want to miss. Who will have a happily ever after and who will be faced with tragic consequences? Be prepared for anything because this book will leave your jaw hanging once again.

Book Review
This story was about a serial killer loose on the streets of Houston affectionately dubbed the Long D*ck Killer.  Yup, you read it right. Once you read the story, you will see how that appendage became so deadly and the struggle Khaleel had in controlling it.

The story had good movement, developed characters, a very interesting plot and an oddly enough a likable villian in Khaleel.

He was hit with - a couple of "hiccups" on his road to finding how to control his inner demons and he dealt with them swiftly. He was a lawyer and he knew how to circumvent the system. He needed to make things right especially after meeting the love of his life, FBI Agent Erica.
When it came to the supporting cast, I had a few random thoughts.

Erica, you're an FBI agent? Denial trumps your investigative instincts when you're in "love".
Why was Sully's mother the way she was with him?

I think the ending was fitting. Yes. The story could be revisited, but I think that would only work if there was some type of retribution for the murders or if it went into a new direction.
This was an interesting series and I enjoyed it.

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