Author Spotlight- Stanley James II

Meet, Stanley James II, an Indie writer on his way to becoming a legend in the pen game. Mr. James hails from Northern Long Beach, California and is a testament to what can happen when you decide to turn away from a life that left you with two choices – jail or the grave. Having served time in jail on drug-related charges that left one option-the grave. With family, friends and full life ahead of him, he made the life alternating choice to put down the gun and pick up a pen. This choice would lead him not only in the direction of being a positive role model for his family and community but put him in direct contact to meet people who would help shape his future in the literary arena. One of those important connections came in the form of a meeting with No Brakes Publishing. This meeting led to a novel he wrote around the age 18 called the Bust: Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun being published. In his own words, it felt 'surreal seeing his name on something other than a police report".
Since then, this future legend has written a total of fifteen books with 8 being published thus far. It is no surprise that with such an interesting background to draw from that the authenticity and passion this writer puts into his work is the reason why he has such a loyal following. A large portion of his readers have been incarcerated or have been in detention centers at some point in their lives and can relate to his writing. However, his reach extends overseas as well. After making the decision to turn his life around, this indie talent aka the "crip author" can be found writing, shooting short films or music videos, writing for other artists or networking as he continues to learn the business side of the industry and expand his brand. His latest novel Escobar’s Revenge, his favorite novel to date, will certainly garner new followers, as it touches on Cuba’s former Prime Minister & President, Fidel Castro, and his connection with the mafia in the US.
Join me in reading & reviewing his latest work by purchasing a copy wherever books are sold i.e Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or via his website Certified Gang Tales. I’ll be posting my review of Escobar’s Revenge soon.
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