Chrome Mountain

Chrome Mountain Chrome Mountain by Ben Schneider
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Trey and Sonya couldn't be more different--yet their divergent lives are about to converge, with a bang. As Sonya evades the biker gang she was once involved with, she befriends Trey, a scientist, and helps him evade the Chromes, the most successful terrorist organization in the world. Trey and Sonya have more than their own lives to consider; the free world will change for the worse if the Chromes gain Trey's priceless knowledge.

In the thriller Chrome Mountain, Ben Schneider explores one possible future our real world could be racing toward. Readers will find this story, driven by the female protagonist, a page-turner but without the darker tactics of similar sci-fi thrillers. The characters of Chrome Mountain tell their stories with clean humor, no profanity, a lot of advice from God, and action--lots and lots of action.

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A girl, A boy, A terrorist organization. Trey, a scientist, and Sonya are your guides throughout the novel. The author does a good job of using descriptive language to illustrate the action scenes. Military action is not something that I normally read, but I found the plot interesting. There was a lot of military action here, enough religion that it was noticeable, humor and something akin to love between Trey and Sonya, who was no wallflower. She helps keep Trey safe from those who try to
 "engage him", because of his invention. There were moments where my attention was lost because for me it was a little wordy at times and again that could just because I am not familiar with some of the areas of focus in the novel. All in all, I think this was an interesting novel with good action, developed characters, and a solid plot.

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