A Dopeboy and His Shorty Series

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Ari And Kelly Are 2 Girls Who Don’t Know What Hit Them After They Meet The Love Of Their Lives. One Night After Graduation, Ari Falls Head Over Heels For Amir A Big Time Dope Boy Who Has It All Except, Love. The Moment He Saw Ari He Knew He Had To Have Her, But With Temptation Comes Other Problems In Amir’s Life. 
Amir’s Ex-Girlfriend ChaVaughn Won’t Allow Him To Just Leave Her And Be Great With Someone Else Especially, After Everything She’s Done For Him In The Past, To Bring His Business Up. She Loves Him And It’ll Be A Cold Day In Hell Before She Lets Anyone Take Her Spot. 
Kelly Wants No Parts Of Devon Especially, Why She’s In A Relationship With Her High School Sweetheart, All She Needs Is Her Current Boyfriend, Rick But She Finds Out What Type Of Person Rick Really Is. Will Kelly Stay In Something That’s Not Healthy For Her Or Will She Boss Her Life Up For Real Nigga? 
Devon’s Ex Is A Fiery One Who Won’t Be Played With Not Even By Von But The Tables Turn When Her Vindictive Uncle, Caesar Puts Her To Work For Him To Go Against The Grain. 
Come Along And See Where They All End Up In This Twisted Web Of Love, Lies, Deceit, And Power. Will They All Come Out On Top Or Will It All Just Be Charged To The Game?.

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Book 1
I found myself chuckling quite a bit during this book. A typical hood drama, but laced with humor. The characters were somewhat developed & the plot moved along at a decent pace and it held my interest to the end.

Book 2
This sequel moved very well. The characters continued to evolve and new revelations kept things "lively". My only negative is the number of grammatical errors, which made it difficult to decipher what the character meant to say at times.

Book 3

This edition had a little movement. What movement that did occur was attributed to the revelations that were inserted to keep things "lively". My only real negatives are the number of grammatical errors, which made it difficult to decipher what the character meant to say at times and that the story is being drawn out unnecessarily to another book. Hopefully, the author will give the characters and their readers closure in book 4.

Book 4

This edition was filled with multiple errors, much like in books 1 thru 3. It was also the same book as books 2 and 3 as the conversations and situation were recycled. Unfortunately, there was no movement. I'm a little disappointed that it is now being stretched to a 5th book unnecessarily. I'm hoping that the author can capture the magic of book 1 and even 2 to bring the series back to life.

Book 5 (not yet released)

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