Guilty Pleasures: Sometimes It Feels Good to be Bad

Guilty Pleasures: Sometimes It Feels Good to be Bad Guilty Pleasures: Sometimes It Feels Good to be Bad by Marsha Casper Cook
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a short Novella about Lilly Peters who was a doctor by day and an escort by night. She was on her own at a very young age and had to put herself through Medical school, but when her grandmother took ill she needed money for her care. She had heard through the hospital Intern grapevine about being an escort for very rich influential men and jumped at the chance. What she didn’t know was how much she would enjoy having sex for money. 

Everything was going at an easy pace when some of the other escorts were roughed up pretty bad and no one seemed to why. She needed to find the answer. As things got worse and one of her favorite lovers was murdered she had to make a choice. Was it all worth it or was she sorry she became an escort? Did she fall too fast for men she barely new? 

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Note: I'll preface my comments by stating that had I read this book instead of listening, my rating and comments may have been different.

A young medical resident who lives in Chicago and turns to the escort business to make ends meet. She is also responsible for her grandmother's care and needs the extra finances.
The premise was full of potential. However, I could not manage to get into the story until the last hour of the listen.

The first 45 minutes was the setup and added little value for me to the story. What should have been thrilling and intriguing, the 3 escorts being mutilated and a couple of murders, was mentioned with little fanfare. I think the story lacked the necessary tension to make this sexy or intriguing. Elizabeth's character was the most interesting and her downfall was delicious, but the delivery dampened both.

My less than enthusiastic interest was due in large part to the narration. While the narrator's voice was soothing and clear, it was not the best choice for a tale that needed to be sexy and intriguing. I also found it odd that it was set in Chicago and all were Chicago natives presumably, but the narration was delivered with an English accent that caused me to lose focus. The right narrator can make or break a book.

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