Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister
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Drake Vireo, the green dragon of Aisling's dreams, is finally ready to make an honest woman of her if she can ever get him to the altar. Being stood up cools Aisling's jets, but not her passion, which is a good thing when Drake disappears and it's up to Aisling to find him. At least her doggie demon Jim is always at her side. Just call him a Guardian's best friend.

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Aisling is simply unlikable. silly, whiney, needy, obstinate. She - after 3 previous stories - still doesn't listen and then ends up in a situation she has to fret over and somehow survive.
I listen to the other characters who make the story interesting. I loved Paula and she took some of the burden off of Jim to be the "comic relief".
I hope Aisling's presence is kept to a minimum in the rest of the Sept series.
I like Drake, but cringed each time Aisling described him, his fire or his skills in the bedroom. I skipped the sex scenes as much as possible. There was no chemistry between these two characters.
And I wish someone would teach her what being a mate, a guardian and a demon lord meant. Her constantly not knowing rules or what those things mean was overdone. And by her last book, she still barely knew more than she did in books 1 & 2. ...smh
Random -
Why was Aisling surprised that she couldn't hear green Sept business? She was now seen as a mate to the blue wyvern. Her feelings being hurt didn't make sense. Her "Scarlet O'hara" rant was ridiculous. She also continued with the name calling. No other character resorted to doing that in any of the books.
The wedding was stopped yet again in the last 30 minutes of the story as Drake was putting on her ring....really? She knew Jim couldn't die. What was that scene about? needless to say, after 4 books I'm over Ms. Aisling Gray. I wanted to like this character, but just couldn't. However, I do want to see what happens with the other characters.

As far as narration goes, I kept picturing an older woman, a smoker. Sorry

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