She Fell in Love with a Real One

She Fell in Love with a Real One She Fell in Love with a Real One by Tamara Butler
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HEAVEN HOLMES is living in pure bliss. She has a sexy, loving and successful husband in NAHEEM, and a career that she absolutely loves. Her head is in the clouds until an unexpected scandal tears her world apart and rips her heart right out of her chest.

Searching for an emotional refuge, Heaven turns to her twin sister, NAVAEH. But will that decision bring her heartache and casualties to an end, or will the drama and disguised deceit in Heaven's life multiply?

Navaeh is no saint. Her life is full of all of the twists and turns that come with her gold digging, unscrupulous and conniving ways, as she desperately plots to sink her fangs into LANCE, the scrumptious-looking A&R of the most prominent record label in the industry.

As Lance guides the career of an up-and-coming star rapper, BANKS, will his own career be compromised by Naveah who's out to break up his happy home?
While Navaeh is causing storms in Lance's life, Heaven is causing the audacious Banks to slow down and take notice of a true queen. But in the world of Hip-Hop, groupies and fame, can an ordinary girl win? Is Heaven setting herself up for Hell or true love? 

Book Review
Heaven and Banks were the focal points of this urban romance. The story opens with adultery, betrayal, and drama. It was moderately paced with good movement. The characters were developed and the plot was solid. The progression of the relationship seemed a bit off. However, this was a solid story and I look forward to book two.

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