Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Secrets Behind Closed Doors Secrets Behind Closed Doors by Lady Lissa
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Craig Donovan is a man who has everything going for him; a loving wife, a beautiful daughter and his dream job as a pastor of a successful megachurch. Living in a lavish mansion you would think that Pastor Donovan has it all but what goes on behind the four walls of their mansion will rock the world and could destroy his pristine reputation.

Craig has secrets from his past that could destroy everything he has been working so hard for should it be made public. First Lady Donovan has an image to protect and she will stop at nothing to ensure that they keep their good name regardless of what is happening to her marriage or her relationship with her daughter. She doesn’t care who she has to run over or walk on to get what she wants.

Armani Donovan is stuck between two parents who want different things which cause her to be confused at times. She finds comfort in the arms of her boyfriend but when tragedy strikes will the couple be able to keep their relationship intact? What will happen if the congregation discovers all the secrets that are being kept from them? Will Craig maintain control of his megachurch or will he lose everything?

Book Review
This was an entertaining tale of betrayal and its repercussions. A Pastor began having an affair with a parishioner. His wife was also an alcoholic with insecurities and a short fuse. His teen daughter met her boyfriend when she was a pre-teen and didn't have any love for her mother.
There was drama upon drama in this story. A kidnapping, statutory rape, amnesia, and mental illness.
When the mistress of the Pastor begins to devise a plan to become the First Lady, she sets in motion a set of events that would change the lives of everyone involved. The story moved quickly. The characters were developed. There were a few errors in the way of sentence flow and the confusion of the teen's age when she met her 19yr old boyfriend. Was she 11 or 13?

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