Escobar's Revenge

Escobar's Revenge Escobar's Revenge by Stanley E. James II
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

His name is Escobar Santana the son of one of the most feared hitmen for Cuba's own president Fidel Castro. Escobar was born in the states but bleeds revenge on all of Cuba's politicians that had a hand in the killing of his father.

Book Review
This novella gave us just enough to pull us in, but not so much that we were overwhelmed. The characters were solid. The plot was clear. I think that it's so difficult, as I've said many times before, to truly develop characters and a plot in a novella. While I was able to discern what was going on with the story, I would have loved a little more development with the characters. I understand this is setting up a possible series, but I would have loved just a little more. For that reason alone, I rounded up my 3.5 to a 4-star rating. The anticipation is there for me and that's always a good sign.
My original rating was due to the few grammatical errors and the flow of a few passages. There were times when I felt the way a sentence was structured made the writing come off as stilted when it should have been intense. At any rate, this story moved quick, smooth and left me waiting for the sequel.

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