HUSH HUSH by Shameek Speight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Postpartum Depression, also known as “Baby Blues” 
Effects one in seven women, causing sadness, anxiety and even crying spells. Usually the symptoms decrease in the weeks after birth, but when that’s not the case, it’s a clear indication there’s some other mental issues. 
Bianca Whitted was less then ecstatic initially about her pregnancy, but the love of her love convinced her he had her and their child, so she continued on with her pregnancy, looking forward to the arrival of her bundle of joy. What she didn’t count on was her child’s father doing a 360. 
Struggling with a broken heart, being a new mother and Postpartum Depression, Bianca’s joy became sadness, then anger. Will she get the help she needs to save her, or will others suffer her wrath before it’s all said and done? 

Book Review 
This was an extreme depiction of postpartum depression. A young woman who was dating a married man who she thought would leave his wife. ( I know) He urges her to follow through with the pregnancy and then summarily dumps her.
As she is left alone to care for her child, who appears to have an extreme case of colic, she slowly begins to lose her grasp on sanity. This causes her to commit unimaginable acts.
This was quick listen with good production quality. There was no time to develop the characters or the plot as this was basically just a few scenes in a very short novella.

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