Real Love From A Cold Savage

Real Love From A Cold Savage Real Love From A Cold Savage by Samantha Denise
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Fierce, violent, and uncontrolled is the definition of a savage, but for Legend and Legacy Davis it's a way of life. These two brothers are the true definition of a savage with their no nonsense ways, taking what they want when they want it, and stopping at nothing to make sure they always remain on top.

The Davis brothers thought they had it all figured out, until two women come into their lives turning their world upside down. With any and everything at their finger-tips, they vow to conquer the hearts of the ones who seem to challenge them the most. These two men will stop at nothing until they've secured it all, and that includes two women who have succeeded in melting the ice around their cold hearts.

Sa'Niyah Dubois hasn't been the same since the father of her child was murdered in cold blood. She's had to raise their son alone, struggled to make ends meet, and do the unthinkable to make sure their heads stayed above water. After getting her heartbroken more times than she's wanted over the years, she's given up on love, and men. Finally at a point in her life where she's mentally and financially stable she's full of life and thriving. Unfortunately a handsome, ruthless, and dangerous man sets out to make her his one and only, taking her through a whirlwind of emotions, and revealing secrets that could lead to someone's deadly demise.

Alaia Montgomery suffered a traumatic loss in her early childhood, having to witness her parents being murdered in front of her at five years old, she vowed from that very moment to help the people in her city, and to keep them safe. She never got the justice she wanted for her parents' murder, instead she used that as motivation to become the first female homicide detective in her department. She's on the rise to helping her city and putting away killers one day at a time. However, what happens when the very person she's become smitten by is the very man that's causing the murder rate in their city to rise.
These four individuals are about to be in for a wild ride and there will be bloodshed along the way. Finding real love is hard to do but it's even more difficult when it comes from the heart of a cold savage. 

Book Review
Legacy and Legend Davis were definitely savages in these streets.  The story had two strong male leads and paired them with strong female leads, which you don't always see.  Both women, Saniyah and Alia, had overcome hardships to secure themselves a solid future.
The story pulled me in from the first chapter. There was good movement, solid characters development, an appropriate amount of angst, drama, murder, and savage behavior. The author did a good job of showing the relationship between the brothers, which for me was the focal point of the series. This relationship played a key part in how book two ended and upset many I'm sure. The best part was the character crossover. She integrated the two series perfectly.
I would recommend this series to anyone wanting an entertaining urban fiction romance. You can get your copy here and don't forget to leave a review.

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