Fire Me Up

Fire Me Up Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Aisling Grey is back-and in more trouble than ever. She thought being a courier would be easy. It's not. She thought being a Guardian would come naturally. It doesn't. She thought she could get out of being a wyvern's mate. She can't. And she never thought she'd be irresistible to men. But she is.

Book Review
Book two was much better for me. There was a tad less whining from Aisling. She begins to show a bit of growth around chapter 8. However, the next time something she didn't understand she immediately got in a "huff" and started with the name calling and threats to Drake or whomever. It was old in book 1 and even more so now. I enjoyed the mystery(s) in this book much more than 1. the story ended the same as 1. Aisling is so far more trouble than she's worth. I still don't see any chemistry between the 2 main characters. The supporting cast & Drake are the best things about the story and why I'll keep listening.

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