Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror Broken Mirror by Oliver Rixon
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Broken Mirror A psychological thriller - life, death and what lies beyond...

Reverend Lucas Wheelan is a killer - complex, disturbed and driven by deception, anger and ultimately; fear. Wheelan lost his faith a long time ago and is spiraling ever further into the dark emptiness of his psyche. 

But the dead don't rest. Even death cannot prevent his murder victim, Helen, from tracking him down to exact her revenge. Death becomes the veil of reincarnation and new life as Jenny Barrett, a theatre and intensive care nurse... 

Stalked by snippets of terrifying memories, Jenny is forced to confront her previous life. But as she puts together the last pieces of the jigsaw and starts closing in on her murderer, there is a mind-bending twist in the story.

Will she fulfill her quest for retribution? 

Dramatic, intriguing and laced with hospital drama - Oliver Rixon takes us on a thrill ride of murder, betrayal, retribution, and transformation... 
Book Review
I was expecting a psychological thriller just as the title suggests. This was more of a wrong place, wrong time situation, and reincarnation. I am hoping that part 2 will fulfill what the title and summary suggest.  The listening time is 3:58. I am at the 2:51 mark and have yet to see any evidence of the complex killer (Wheeler) or the female lead (Jenny) being assaulted by horrific snippets. Although, Bob being a jerk was the one thing that stood out. I listened to this book on Audible. The narrator did a good job.

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