How That Pretty Thing Creams

How That Pretty Thing Creams How That Pretty Thing Creams by Nakiala Comeaux
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Cash rules everything around me, but better known as C.R.E.A.M. is what 18-year-old Ebony Haynes had to quickly learn to live by. The night of her high school graduation Ebony, was thrown to the cold street of Opelousas, Louisiana, when she decided to go toe to toe with her mother and lost! Ebony was a house girl who knew nothing about the streets UNTIL the streets were her only option to live by. 

Once Ebony met Malcolm, a young, black successful man with a legit business, 
Ebony’s living condition was better than what her parents could ever give her. The company parties, fast cars, and expensive clothes made Ebony enjoy her relationship with Malcolm even more. 

A taste of the flashy lifestyle Malcolm provided left Ebony with a bigger appetite. The dirty money and finer things were calling her name because Malcolm’s legit money wasn’t enough. 

Things quickly spiraled downhill when Ebony’s true motive was revealed and Malcolm snatched the comfortable lifestyle out of her pretty little hands. 
Now homeless and living pillow to post again, Ebony has to put to work the one thing that rules the world! She’s no daughter of a trap king, but she sure can make that pretty thing cream. 

Book Review

The usual grammatical errors, but I could not figure out what a word should be in a sentence when used incorrectly or completely misspelled. I struggled to get through this book. The personality changes that seemingly came out of left field for some of the players left me confused and re-reading passages as if I missed something. This story was not fluid. I applaud the author for what she has done and putting herself out there for the world to experience. This book just wasn't for me.

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