Obsessed with a Southside King

Obsessed with a Southside King Obsessed with a Southside King by Neyrey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oaklee Cormier is not only heartbroken, but inevitably reminded of the pain by residing in the same small city as her ex-boyfriend. When presented the opportunity, she and her best friend and accomplice, Cheeky, quickly escaped to the lively city of NOLA. Oaklee was prepared for the escape, the fun, and magic of the city. But what she wasn't prepared for was for this trip to serve as a mirror to her true self and passion. And what, or better yet whom, she was even less prepared for was Mars.

Mars has been throned a Southside King since being taken under the wing of the CEO of Rhyme Records. Though he has the rapping and producing game on lock, he's tired of the banal women he meets from the fame, along with dealing with the fame-hungry mother of his child. While he isn't sure why, it isn't until he meets up with the unruly and self-centered Oaklee that his interest is peaked. However, it is said that feelings come without rhyme or reason, welling up from the unknown. 

                                                                             Book Review 
This was an okay read. I could not connect with the characters. The women were on level 10 with no lower frequency and just weren't likable. The two male leads were okay. For me, the best part of the story was the cliffhanger. I'm am hoping that book two brings the story to life and the author develops the characters and tamps down the chaos.

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